Friday, November 12, 2010


Well, I am no longer a child. I am now officially and legally an adult. Weird. I feel like I should no longer use words such as "yikes" and "doozy", but more adult-y words such as "oh my word" and "an exciting announcement"....but, I won't! I mean, hello, in that past sentence I used the word, "adult-y"...come on.

So, let me tell you about my fabulous day!!

I woke up to a sweet birthday text from Kev, a loving e-mail from my dad and a few facebook comments from some friends which was a LOT more than I thought I was going to get, considering it wasn't my birthday yet back in America. And then I went to breakfast and devotionals and intercession, but the entire time my stomach was KILLING me!! It was awful! :(

But, in all honesty I've never been that grateful for a stomach ache before, because it gave me an amazing opportunity to skip lectures! :) I read my Bible and journal-ed, and can I just say, I don't think I've ever hungered that much for the word! It was crazy! I just wanted my brain to open up and soak the entire Bible up into it!!! :) And then I took a nap which was incredibly refreshing, after which I woke up with NO stomach ache!!!

And then my entire school celebrated me! :) I walked upstairs to find that they had made sushi rolls (my fav) and had even set up a birthday table for me! And, the best part was the FABULOUS cake! It was the most moist chocolate and vanilla cake EVER with mocha icing and chocolate chips!!!! YUMMMMMM! Then everyone prayed over me and sang me "Happy Birthday" and then we all got wasted because now I'm legal!!

...hahaha, did you catch that last part? It was a joke! Of course I didn't drink!!! Not only is it not legal in America it's certainly not legal at YWAM! :) I just thought I'd throw it in there to see if you were paying attention! ;)

After that Kev set up a skype date so he could wish me an Australian happy birthday and then stayed up late enough to wish me an American birthday too! :) I then called my sister who said since it was finally midnight in America she could wish me a happy birthday! :)

Then all of us DTS girls cooked a three course meal for our boys including all of their favorite deserts, drinks, and snacks, and of course STEAK! :) They fight spiritually for us all the time so we wanted to show them that we want to be there for them to come and rest after the fight. :) It was wonderful!

Now I am doodling around (yeah, I'm definitely not an adult...I just said doodling) on the internet procrastinating on doing my homework! :)

Seriously though, can I just say I'm an adult?! I have to say it a bunch of times because it doesn't seem real! Normally I make a HUGE deal about my birthday and I look forward to it for weeks! But last week someone had to REMIND me that it was my birthday coming up! So, today hasn't even felt real! Maybe it'll hit me next week when I get to have a little family celebration! :) But, seriously, I've always thought that 18 was a HUGE birthday and now it's here! YAY!

Anyways, I'll let you know later on if it kicks in!

Tomorrow is my last youth street and then it's Sunday!!! I'm going to go to the beach all day Sunday to spend my last free day on the beach! And THEN on Monday Mika is going to take LaChelle and myself to visit a chapel at Hillsong College!!! And then Tuesday is packing day/lecture day and then I leave for the airport early Wednesday morning!! WHAT?! Oh my goodness! I have a feeling that these next few days are going to FLY by! :) But, I'll keep you all updated on everything that happens from now until then! :)

Thanks for my birthday wishes and prayers! I really appreciate them!



  1. Have a happy birthday, and I hope/bet it's going to be a great year for you!

  2. Happy Birthday Clancy! Thank you for sharing this journey with us. Prayers for your safe travel home on next week :)

  3. Happy Birthday!! I pray for a smooth transition back to the US. I hope you continue to blog. You have a gift of writing and challenging the spirit within. God bless.