Friday, November 5, 2010


Well, hello! Today's blog will be much less exciting than yesterday's but, that's a good thing I'm sure.

So, last night I had a fabulous and unexpected quiet time! I was just sitting in bed and then I felt really passionate about praying for someone back home. So, I sat down and wrote out a long prayer and got a lot of feelings out on paper, which was nice. Then something dawned on me!!!

Well, ever since I got back from Fingal I've been waking up every single night to go to the bathroom. Now, that's not that weird normally BUT it NEVER happened before I went to Fingal and ever since then it's happened EVERY night!! Sometimes twice a night...and sometimes THREE!!! Weird, and annoying ESPECIALLY because I'm on the top bunk...and the bathroom is down the hall.

BUT, yesterday it hit me: maybe, God's been waking me up every night to pray for someone back home and intercede for him! So, last night I woke up without fail...and I actually remembered to pray! But, I never told the person that because what am I gunna say, "hey, I pray for you every time I pee!!" all of this TMI? (too much information)

Anyways, that was last night. Then I woke up at 7, ate cereal, listened to a devotional, had a great quiet time, fell asleep for the last half of my quiet time, went to work duties, went to intercession, had morning tea, listened to some lectures, had lunch, went to a meeting, and then went to my room to take a nap.

But, before I went to sleep I wrote a letter to someone that will probably never read it. Have you ever done that? It's super weird. I wanted really badly to mail it but, I drew all over the front of the envelope so I couldn't. :) It was kind of nice and freeing but also hard because I probably can't send it. Anyways, after that I took a three hour long nap!

The nap was fabulous and SOOOO badly needed. BUT, I hated the dream. So, you know that song "Dreaming with a Broken Heart"? Well, as stupid as it sounds it's totally true!!! I like dreaming but I totally hate waking up afterward and then you realize that you're back to reality! So, it's taken me a few hours to not only wake up but also be back to being okay with reality. :/

Anyways, I feel totally disgusting today because I've basically only eaten bread today! I can't wait to get back home and actually eat protein and fruit! Hallelujah!!!

I can't believe that it's already Friday night!!! Tomorrow's Saturday, and then the weekend, and then my last full week in Australia! WHAT?!?! Crazy!

Even though today has been kind of hard, it's also been really good because I've really been forced to give everything up to God. I've had to go to him almost every five seconds. And I've basically been in constant prayer all day, for myself and others too.

Oh, I forgot to mention! We went on outreach yesterday and I met some local schoolkids who were CRAZY! But, there was this one girl who totally didn't fit in. She had never done drugs or gotten drunk or had sex and didn't cuss either, but she was hanging out with all of these kids who did. But, she was so sweet. So, Emily and I got a chance to talk to her alone for about five minutes and she admitted that she didn't really like hanging out with people like that but she did it anyways. It was so sad! So, we encouraged her to continue to stand out and not give in to what her friends were doing. Then we gave her a Bible (because she had asked earlier how to read something like the Bible) and told her to start in John and just read it like a story book, but this story was actually true. And we told her we'd be back next week at the same place so hopefully she could read it by then and let us know what she thinks!

So, keep her in your prayers! And her friends too! They were totally crazy. Two of them kept asking for my number and were trying to convince me that we should date. But, I lied and told them I had a boyfriend back home and made it seem like he could beat them up. :) Maybe I can just speak it into being... ;)

But, seriously, hopefully we planted some sort of seed especially in that girl! She was adorable!

Well, I'm going to go have a Tahiti meeting - I won't really be involved in participating but I still want to be a part of the team and contribute any way I can! I'll blog again tomorrow, hopefully! Please keep me in your prayers!

I love you all!


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  1. LOL!! I do the same thing when I get up at night. Typically, something comes to my mind and I use that as an opportunity to pray for whatever/whoever came to my mind.