Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stuck in Limbo

Guess what?! My birthday is tomorrow!! Well... it's tomorrow in Australia, but it's not for another two days in America. That means that tomorrow I will no longer be a child, however I will not be a legal adult (in the US) for two more days....I feel like I'm stuck in limbo! :)

I was talking with my mom today and mentioned that it will be my birthday tomorrow and she was so confused! She forgot that I'm a day ahead in time! So, I figured if my mom couldn't even remember that tomorrow is my 18th birthday for me then I should probably not get too disappointed if I don't have any birthday wishes tomorrow! But I bet I'll have a lot on Saturday! :)

Okay, enough about my birthday...for now, at least! Let me tell you about my day:

Well, it was another one of those days where a LOT happened...but I can't really tell you about any of it. I'm sure you've guessed by now that I absolutely do not agree with the lectures this week - but, I don't want to talk badly about the person or the specifics of their teaching over the internet, so I will just have to skip over that part of my day when describing things to you.

But, something that I can tell you about lectures is that God is completely working in me! I can't believe how clearly I can hear His voice! These past three months I've had to stand firm on what I believe and work out what that means in my every-day life, and this past week has really tested it. And guess what?! I can pretty much see the light at the end of the tunnel! Tomorrow is our last day of lectures and even though it's been really hard, I've learned a lot! But not from what he's been teaching...rather, I've learned a LOT from what GOD has been teaching me.

It's really easy to be told something awesome and have a Bible verse to back it up, but when I'm challenged with convincing teaching that even has verses to back, it is incredibly hard for me to stand firm on what I know and what God has taught me about His character of the past years and especially over the past three months. However, with some sweet people God has placed in my life and some even sweeter scripture, He's really helped me to come out the other side even stronger in His grace and love than ever before!!!

I am REALLY excited about coming home and being surrounded by people who have really similar beliefs as me so that I can lean on them and vica-versa. But, I'm incredibly glad that I've had this time, this week especially, to really build a firm foundation upon which I can build the rest of my life!!

So, all of that to say - I can't talk about lectures.... :)

But, seriously, all we really had today was lectures and then my team made dinner and went to hand out tea and coffee at a local mall! I caught up with that girl I met last week and asked her if she had read any of the Bible. She said that she opened it up a few times and enjoyed it! But, she seemed kind of embarrassed to talk about it - so, hopefully I'll be able to catch up with her on facebook!

Now I am thoroughly tired with my teeth-brushed and my face-washed, waiting for the screaming upstairs to stop...yeah, the Tahiti team is really enjoying the Lord and they're now all screaming and playing drums...:) I'm going to miss that freedom! :)

The next time I blog I will no longer be a child!! Well...I guess I'll still be in limbo, but soon enough I'll be an actual adult!

I love the fact that I left America a child but will come home an adult - both legally and now spiritually too. :)

Talk to you later!



  1. Let me just be one of the first then...Haaaapppyyyyy Biiirrtthhdddayyyy Clancy! May the coming year be full of unexpected AND expected blessings, surprises and fun, more growth and development, continual intimacy with the Father, love, love and more love, friendships developed that will last a lifetime and well...the best year of your life so far! :)

    You are beautiful,
    Debbi (one of your silent followers)

  2. Hey Clancy, we in Australia can wish you a Happy Birthday - hope it is a good one and the year ahead will bring more growth in our precious Lord Jesus Christ. It has been a privilege to follow your blog as you have grown over these past few months on your trip 8,582 miles from home.

    anyway today is a day of celebration so......HAVE A GREAT BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy BIrthday Clancy. I hope you have a terrific day. You have been such an inspiration to me and I can only hope that my daughter will one day grow up to have your faith and strength.

    Jen Hoffman