Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hillsong Live Album Recording


I just returned from a FABULOUS day! It started off kinda weird - I woke up early to take a shower and I did NOT want to get out of bed. Then we headed out to a local church where the pastor spoke mostly with his eyes closed and had such a thick accent I really didn't catch more than half of what he was saying. But, after that is when it really got good!

LaChelle, Leslie, Nicole, Jen and myself all got into Jen's car and headed into the city to Paddy's Markets!! It's like a huge market but they sell stuff instead of food! First we got some Chinese food then went to get a free slushy!! It's 7-11 day at 7-11 here in Australia, so if you went in and said "happy 7-11 day!" they give you a free slushy...but guess what....we made it in 30 minutes AFTER the deal ended. I was very frustrated - my taste buds were ready for a slushy! So, I bought one...lame, but what was even LAMER was the guy behind the counter thought it was SO funny that I was so frustrated that he decided to play a joke on me and give LaChelle a free slushy just to see my reaction....I was not happy.

But, I at least got to drink a slushy - so, I guess in the end it was good. Then LaChelle and I headed off to the market! I got ALL of my souvenir shopping done (and maybe an extra gift for myself...)!!! It was fabulous!

And then...the best part of the day! We all met up at the Sydney Entertainment Center and got to be a part of the Hillsong Live Album Recording!! So, yeah, whenever you get the new album and you hear that awesome voice singing in the's me. :)

But seriously, it was amazing!! I honestly haven't ever experienced worship like that! And it wasn't even just the music (I mean, for real, it helped) it was the place my heart was in! I just stinking LOVE God! Seriously - I discovered today that if you had to boil God down to absolutely ONE characteristic (I know it's not possible...I'm being hypothetical) it would be LOVE. Not power, not justice, not anything else but LOVE. Love sets the captives free, love makes all things possible, LOVE saves the world!

Right before the concert started we had a time of prayer and I told God, "Hey, words of affirmation is my love language - so just take this time as me complimenting you ALLLLLL night long!" And that's totally was it was! It was just me showing my love language to God! And I think He loved it too!!

Now, I have a skype date with Kevin which I am very much looking forward to! And then I am going to go to bed, sleeeeep in, laaaaaay out, and then grab a cuppa with LaChelle and Mika!! :) WOO HOO!

PS I only have 9 days 14 hours 5 minutes and 50 seconds until I come home...but I am NOT counting. :) Hahaha I am excited, but I really am soaking up EVERY LAST SECOND I have here in Australia!!! :)

G'Night All!


  1. You are an extraordinary young lady! You should be so proud of everything you have accomplished while you have been in Australia! I have been personally moved by your incredible journeys. You should write a book about your growth and experiences! Thank you for the postings! Enjoy the rest of your time there and then get on the plane so you can hug on your wonderful mom!
    God Bless!

  2. I, too, hope you enjoy your remaining time "down under" to the fullest !! How in the world are we going to function without your daily blogs ???? Please touch base with us every once in awhile !! What will LaChelle be doing when she leaves ?