Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm too tired to think of a title...

Today has felt like at least three days, it has been sooooo long!!!! But, I am proud to announce that I am FINALLY finished with orientation!!

Let me start at the beginning: I was up early (as always....), had a BIG breakfast of cereal, toast, and a crumpet, then it was off to learn the principles of intercessory prayer. The guy who presented it is ADD I'm pretty sure so I'm still a little confused as to what he was talking about, but he handed us notes so that helped me follow...a little. BUT we got to get into groups of 3 and practice each principle by praying for a fellow schoolmate's family who isn't saved yet..."yet" being the operative word!

Then it was afternoon tea, which I was starving to eat for some reason! I ate a ton!!

After making our sandwiches (and me eating one while making it...) we headed off to the zoo! Where I got to pet a koala bear, hang out with a kangaroo, and hear a barking owl!!! (I uploaded pictures on my facebook)

Then we headed back home for more orientation where they explained our schedules for the next twelve weeks and how our "assessments" (a nice name for tests) will work, which completely freaked everyone out! We're going to be INSANELY busy!!!! Oh, I was in SUCH a bad mood, and I was tired, and I didn't feel good, and my pants were too tight. It was AWFUL!!!

Then.... my favorite part of the day. We broke up into groups of 4 and went off into a room to discuss how we were feeling and pray for each other. The people I were with were exactly who I needed to be with, and they said exactly what I needed to hear! It was WONDERFUL!!!!!

Then dinner and an hour of worship and now I'm about to pass out! And we don't even get a day off until next Sunday!!! UGH! So, I'm pretty worn out but excited, but scared, but homesick, but happy, but not. So, prayer would be much appreciated.

Oh, and in addition to all of this madness and lack of sleep, a group of 30 eighteen year old Fijian rugby players moved in upstairs...right above my room. So you might actually need to pray in tongues for me...I'll need it. :)

G'Night! (I hope!!)


  1. love it Clancy! Prayed for you this morning! keep the posts coming!

  2. Hi Clancy! I've so enjoyed reading your adventures and look forward to reading more!

  3. You dont me but I was a huge fan of your Mom/Facts of Life, and have been following along w/ all her family stories throughout the years. Best wishes and my prayers go out to you.

    I'm loving your blog, btw! :)