Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In the beginning...

Well, I am here! At this moment I am sitting on an inflatable ball in a basement rec room plugged into the wall to get my internet...oh, and I'm in SYDNEY!!!

Leaving my family was probably the hardest thing I've ever done. I was completely drained: physically, emotionally, spiritually, everything! The flight from DFW to San Francisco was the absolute hardest. All I could do was sit there. The entire three hour flight I stared at the seat in front of me and cried. It felt as if my heart weighed 50,000 lbs. and it was tugging on every vein and artery around. I got of the plane and immediately asked my mom to buy a ticket to San Francisco and come find me. But, after a good conversation with her and Kevin I decided to ask for prayer and brave the 15 hour flight ahead.

It seemed as if everything was going to be okay...and then I lost my Ambien!! It was probably the worst thing that could have happened before a 15 hour flight. But, I rushed over and grabbed some tylenol PM which did the trick and helped me sleep for 10 hours!

I had the window seat (thanks to Steve Cauble), no one was in the middle seat, and the aisle seat was taken up by an Australian man returning from a singles cruise...he thought I was "very religious" and laughed at me when I told him I wanted to study acting. But, he helped me fill out my customs form and didn't make fun of me when I remarked that everyone was driving on the wrong side of the road as we flew over Sydney.

I was SO nervous about getting through customs because the only address I had in Sydney was a PO box. But, God chose the absolute perfect customs lady for me who was incredibly sweet and understanding. However, my visa apparently didn't include my middle name so I got sent to the immigration office for a while to fix everything.

On the way off the plane a talkative college guy remarked about how he like my pillow case and we started up a conversation. He asked me why I was there and then said that he had met another girl on the plane doing the same thing! He introduced us and we both got our luggage together. God definitely helped me all the way - it was like he was embodying every person I met!!

Then I met up with a group of 8 other Americans and we headed to our base, (which ended up being a 2 hour trip because our driver got lost a few times).

And now I'm here!! I'm nervous, scared, excited, tired, and anxious about the days to come! BUT God has been placing my steps so far and I don't doubt He'll continue to do that from here on out.

Keep me in your prayers!


  1. Love you & We are so proud of you!! Soak up some Australian sunshine for me! xoxox Ana.

  2. Enjoy every moment. Especially the dfficult ones. God is changing the world through you and will be changing you in this part of the world you're discovering. Our prayers are with you.
    Jason and Sharla Tilley

  3. What an exciting journey is ahead for you. How great to see God's hand holding yours as you walk forward in this journey. It will be fun to watch as He continues to show Himself huge in and through you as you grow and learn in Sydney.