Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Waiting for jet lag to kick in


As I'm writing this it is 2:34 AM Texas time and only 5:30 PM Australian time! But I'm not tired one bit! I'm pretty sure its because I'm too FREEZING to get sleepy!!! I thought that coming to Australia it'd be nice warm, sunny, with maybe a light breeze...but no, its cold. It was warm for a few hours today but once the sun started going down it turned to frosty cold wind. And everyone keeps the doors open here for some reason so its like a refrigerator. It even hurts to type because my knuckles are stiff.

Right before I left the house Haven threw her favorite UNT sweatshirt into my bag just in case, and I think it was really a divine act of God because I haven't taken it off yet!!

Since I'm not tired yet and its too late at home to talk to anyone I decided I'd upload a few pictures of my trip so far for everyone to see where and how I'm living.

PS I'll post these on my facebook too for better quality pictures.

this is the beautiful sunrise I woke up to on the plane.

Flying over the Sydney harbor
My room (there are 4 other bunk beds that you cant see...that's 10 girls in ONE room with NO drawers!!

My bed arrangement! It's definitely the most personalized bed in the room!

Wall-e followed me all the way to Sydney! :)

Keep praying for me, please!! Tonight is my first night here and I don't want to wake up homesick or jetlagged! But, my mom once told me that God is bigger than my emotions and that they cannot overtake me. And I happen to agree with her. :)



  1. I moved overseas 3 years ago to teach in an international school in the Middle East...and for a shy dutch girl from rural Canada, it was completely uncharacteristic! I cried for the longest time in the airport before boarding the plane, so much so that there must not have been a tear left...because once I got to Kuwait, I was so excited that jetlag didn't even stand a chance.

    Have a BLAST because in six months, you'll wish you could stay for longer :)

    (I has planned on living in the Middle East for 1 year...and have just started my 4th. God has waaay better plans than we could ever imagine!! Enjoy each day - He put you there on purpose! It WILL get easier. I promise.)

  2. Clancy, that is definitely one "fact of life" that your Mom has absolutely correctly stated: GOD IS BIGGER THAN YOUR EMOTIONS!!! Doesn't mean that you won't feel those emotions and that they won't overwhelm you at times, simply means that HE IS BIGGER!!! Can I get an AMEN!!! \o/\o/

    Love your Mom!! Love your pastor and his family (I'm friends with his precious mother-in-law back in SC). Now, praying and following you on your Sydney journey...................

    Cynthia (