Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Dance Party

Oh my goodness, today was fabulous too!!! :)

Well...I started off annoyed because even thought I COULD have slept in as late as 9 today someone in my room decided to get up at 6AM and pretty much slam every single cupboard in our room...about ten times. I was SO annoyed!!!

But, somehow I managed to get some broken sleep until I finally got out of bed at 9 and got ready for church. And, church was such a great surprise! The little local church we went to this weekend was outside in a park! We all sat on park benches and drank sodas while the kids played on the playground and the pastor spoke. Then we had a bbq and did some facepainting! It was so fun!

Then I had a skype date with my mom which was quite exciting! :)

However, I found out after skyping with my mom that the girl who was supposed to pick us up and take us to Hillsong had the stomach flu. So, that opened up my schedule for the day!

SO, LaChelle and I decided we'd go lay out! So I grabbed my book, journal, and iPod and we both layed out for almost two hours! It was blazing hot but there was a fabulous breeze so it was PERFECT!! But neither of us look any darker...oh, well.

Then Emily, LaChelle, Gwen and myself all headed to the store to buy some ingredients for our Halloween Dance Party!!! Today was Halloween in Australia but they don't really celebrate it at all! And the Europeans had never celebrated it either, so we all decided that we would have a dance party. But, we called it a "Harvest Dance Party" because all of the Europeans had only ever heard horror stories about American Halloweens and they pretty much thought it was Satan's birthday...

ANYWAYS it was basically an excuse to make a bunch of snacks and dance! After buying our ingredients we cooked alllll day! We made rice krispy treats, s'mores (but instead of graham crackers we used sugar cookies), caramel popcorn, caramel apples (and Emily made the caramel FROM SCRATCH!!! Like just butter and sugar and creme...she's awesome), and pancakes too! :) Then we decorated the upstairs worship hall and danced for two hours! It was AMAZING!!!!

It's so nice knowing people so well that you honestly don't care AT ALL what you look like around them! We all danced however we wanted to and whenever we wanted to and with whoever we wanted to! It was fabulous!!

Now I'm going to go take a shower and go to bed fully exhausted! Tomorrow LaChelle and I are celebrating both of our birthdays in the city and we're going to see "Rigaletto" the opera in the Sydney Opera house!!!! WOO HOO!

Today has been fully wonderful in actions...but, somehow my mind has been occupied all day. It's been a struggle for me to focus on the present instead of focusing on the future and all of the worries that come with it. I've felt all day like there has been this ever present cloud around my heart and lungs and when I'm not working incredibly hard on focusing on the present the cloud grows larger and heavier. It's so hard sometimes I just want to cry.

Please just pray that the enemy won't be able to steal any more of God's fabulous moments by growing that cloud in my heart! Especially tomorrow! God has given me this wonderful once of a lifetime opportunity and I don't want anything - especially this stupid cloud issue - to distract me from God's gift!!!

I love you all and I'll blog again tomorrow! :)



  1. Hey, Clancy !
    Don't let Satan steal your joy.... God has given you an incredible journey at this phase in your life..... remember, if God brings you to it, He'll bring you THROUGH it !! Keeping you in prayer ..... ♥♥♥

  2. Praying that the clouds in your heart will continue to stay away and all you'll see and feel is the beautiful blue sky and warm sunshine