Monday, October 25, 2010

Non-Stop Day


Today has been absolutely NON-STOP!! I got up early to try and squeeze some extra time in with God but got distracted by some good conversation...I'm definitely my mother's daughter :)

Anyways, we started our lectures at 9AM sharp. This week we're being taught by some Wycliffe Bible, let me just describe a few of the unique teachers I have this week.

The first guy gave a VERY interesting session on phonetics but had a booger hanging out of his nose the ENTIRE time...incredibly distracting yet amusing and somehow made him more relate-able? :)

My French teacher had a fabulous white mustache, even whiter orthopedic shoes, and a sweater vest, and he made me feel like I was listening to the narrator of Narnia on tape - amazing.

And the translator/linguistics teacher was an absolutely BRILLIANT man who singly-hand-idly (is that a word?) created a written alphabet, phonetics system, and translation of the Bible for a village language called Rossel....and he wore a fanny pack during the entire lecture.

Needless to say our lectures were very diverse, however they were also quite draining. I felt like I was back in school - graded homework and all!

We had various lectures from 9AM-5PM (with a break for lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea of course) ranging from: phonetics, linguistics, language learning, Wycliffe history, grammar, translating, and on-site missionary work.

Directly following lectures we had dinner then a Tahiti team meeting (our outreach team is notorious for meeting literally every five seconds...) followed by a meeting to evaluate how much we need to make for outreach, followed by ANOTHER Tahiti team meeting (I'm not joking....we meet all the time), followed by a meeting between Emily and Kate and myself where I told them that doozy of a news that I mentioned earlier, followed by a girls meeting to plan a prank on the guys (let me know if you have any suggestions) followed by my blog meeting which I am in right now ;)

But has absolutely been non-stop ALL day and I am totally exhausted. I now have a "shower date" with Emily and Kate (we have 3 shower stalls right next to eachother so if you get 2 other people to take a shower at the same time you can talk...I don't know, it sounds more fun in my head I guess) and then we're secretly sleeping in the dance studio tonight. Don't tell.

Tomorrow is another full day starting at 7:00AM and going until 5:30 - please keep me in your prayers! :)

I love you all! Comment to let me know that I still have readers please...I don't know where you all have gone! :)



  1. I'm still here Clancy, still reading about (and living vicariously through) your adventures, and praying for you each day. Sounds like God is doing some amazing things in your life. Can't wait to see what He does next.

  2. I'm still here, too. Looking forward to hearing your doozy news!

  3. I'm still here as well -- also waiting for the doozy news. lol You're in my prayers! :)

  4. I'm still here, and I'm printing your daily blogs to send to Grandpa Cauble, who absolutely loves reading about his granddaughter!!! I, too, can't wait for the doozy! We're praying for you! So glad you survived the camping trip - ugh!!

  5. Still here, too, and waiting to hear about your "doozy." Glad you're back! Missed your posts!!

  6. Glad to see you're back and posting! I'm still here reading and enjoying hearing about all the Lord is doing. Blessings and sweet dreams. :)