Sunday, October 24, 2010

A God-Send Doctor with a Comb-Over

Well, not much happened yesterday but it's just been so long since I've blogged I had to write another one!!! :)

Yesterday was Sunday for me here in Australia and that means it's our day off! I slept in until 9:30 which was delicious. And then I skyped with my mom which was even better!!! She got sick and had to leave the porch (at WOF) early to go back to the hotel room which worked out perfectly for me! ;) One day I want to skype with her while she's still on the porch...but that's a side note.

Anyways, after I skyped with my mom my grandmother and grandfather got online and skyped with me too! I miss them SO much so it was amazing to get to talk!

After returning to skype with my mom one last time (can you tell I miss her?) I went upstairs and ate some breakfast....I'm telling you, my day was not that exciting...

Upon finishing my cereal a few girls and myself went downstairs and watched "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2". Then I read a little bit of a book that's due next week (I hate the book so I won't even give you the's awful and a lot about legalism and how God WANTS us to suffer because it grows us so he purposely makes us suffer...i hate it.) Then I took an AMAZING nap!

I woke up, watched the very end of "Time Traveler's Wife", I only watched about 20 minutes but I still cried. Then LaChelle and I went to the shops to buy some groceries and food.

THEN my day got kind of exciting! My friend Emily stepped on a thorn two days ago and she thinks it was a poisonous thorn because her foot is about 3 times the size it's supposed to be. Well, after hobbling around on it for two days she finally decided she should probably go to the doctor.

So, we piled into this awful broken down van and headed to something like a "Care Now" center. Well.....she couldn't figure out how the insurance worked so the lady at the desk said she couldn't see the doctor. BUT, at that moment the nice old doctor with a very interesting comb-over walked out and said, "Now, I wouldn't be hurting anyone if I just brought you into my office and took a look at it, right?" So, he did and she ended up needing a huge her butt. But, the doctor did it ALL for free!! He even gave her a prescription of antibiotics for free too! What a God-send!!!

Then we went and ate this delicious thing called "Golden Gaytime Crusher" at KFC...I love it. It's like a S'More in a glass with caramel...a-mazing.

After all of this it was about time to go to bed so I went and got distracted by painting my nails. Then I did some stretches and crunches (I'm telling you these carbs are getting to me!!!!) before I finally went to bed and slept soundly.

So...that was my day yesterday!!

This week is going to be insane! We have lectures from 9-5 every day...AHHHH! We're learning either French, Spanish, or Pigeon depending on which outreach you're going on. The Tahiti team is learning French and I am very excited!

Well, I will blog again sometime soon, whenever I can find the time! Even if my day was kind of boring like it was yesterday! I just miss "talking" to all of you!!! :)


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