Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lord of the Rings Marathon!

Hello all!

Well, the other night was the boy's turn...and last night, it was mine and LaChelle's.
Let me explain:

Did I mention earlier that we're in our own room for a few days? Well, for some reason all day I was really scared to go into that room, so I waited until LaChelle wanted to go to bed too, which when all was said and done wasn't until about 2 o'clock in the morning.

Well, right when I laid down I was terrified. So, I got up and prayed over our bed while LaChelle was sleeping. But, even after that I still felt this overwhelming fear. I kept whispering prayers under my breath but every time I closed my eyes I couldn't control my thoughts. Even when I opened my eyes it was like the Devil was taunting me with pictures and thoughts.

But, I kept on praying and telling myself over and over that God was with me, etc. However, my heart just kept beating faster and faster making everything even worse. Well, after about 20 minutes of this I heard LaChelle whisper and ask me if I was okay. I was surprised that she was still awake, and even more surprised about what she asked me!

I told her that no, I wasn't doing very well and she said that she couldn't sleep either. The same exact thing was happening to her! She kept seeing eyes and bodies whenever she would close her eyes and she was shaking too. She said that she felt like something wasn't right, so we both hopped out of bed, grabbed our Bibles and headed outside to see who was still awake.

We walked into the rec room and the only people still up were Joe and Heijin (she's a sweeeet girl from Korea, she's going on my outreach too!) Joe could tell immediately that something was wrong and he quickly ended his skype date to pray over us. He said that he really felt like we needed to pray over LaChelle and me, so they both laid hands on us and started to pray. LaChelle and I both prayed out as well, and Joe anointed our foreheads.

LaChelle felt like one of the reasons that this was happening was because of some stuff she has been discovering about her family history and their involvement in some different things, so we prayed about that. And then I really felt like some things have been getting in through what people have been looking at on the internet, so we prayed about that too.

Then we prayed and anointed the door frame of our new room (tonight's probably our last night in there) as well. We don't know who stayed in that room before us (a lot of families come in and out of our base, kind of like a hostel) so we prayed against anything that may have been brought in with the previous family. And, oh my goodness the Holy Spirit was there!!! Heijin later told me that when she touched our door and started praying she immediately saw huge eyes in our room surrounded with hundreds of littler eyes, and they were all looking at us in the room. I asked her if they were good eyes and she said definitely not, they were very evil. But, she said that the more we prayed the more the eyes started to disappear!

She was so sweet, the entire time Joe, LaChelle and I were praying she never stopped! I'm not sure whether she was praying in Korean or in her spiritual language, but she was very constant.

Then LaChelle and I went to bed (okay...we were still a little frightened so we slept together...we're such girls) but before we went to bed we started praying out loud. And, I started talking to God about arch angels and asked him to send Gabriel and Michael down to protect us while we slept. Well, since I asked I just assumed that God did it, so I started talking to Gabriel and Michael as if they were really sitting there.

Apparently talking to angels and God as if they're literally sitting right next to you is a little weird...and it certainly tickled LaChelle. She turned to me after I said something about how I thought that Michael has a blond mullet and Gabriel has curly brown hair and told me "Clancy, that prophecy about you entertaining God's presence was SO spot on!!!" :) Anyways, after that we had the best night's sleep EVER! However, it was definitely too short...only 4 1/2 hours... after which we got up and headed out to church.

The rest of the day was pretty boring up until we started our Lord of the Rings marathon! Almost our entire school set up couches, mattresses, tables, pillows, blankets and PILES of junk food and made ourselves comfortable as we sat down to watch all three "Lord of the Ring" movies, extended edition. YIKES!

Well, I've seen the 1st movie and half of the 2nd movie (twice each...I've tried to do a marathon a few times) so I was determined to at least get all the way through "Twin Towers". And, I succeeded!!! But, I've only had a total of 8 hours sleep in the past 48 hours and I also have started to feel sick, and I really don't think I could justify staying up that late again tonight, especially if my mom asked! ;)

So, now I am here writing to you! I've had an overall good day! However, it's really frustrating because I feel more and more isolated every minute. It's like all of the girls (except LaChelle) have something against me!! I've tried really really hard to be open to all of them and honestly have been doing a pretty good job! But, even then they isolate me! :(

I went and talked to Emily (the girl that talked to the Muslims with me) about it and she said that I wasn't imagining things. One girl in specific has been talking a LOT behind my back and it's affected the other girl's opinion of me. And, she said that almost all the girls resent my friendship with LaChelle, they don't have best friends here and they don't like that I do...I don't get that?! Am I supposed to stop hanging out with LaChelle because it makes them mad? But, I specifically prayed for a best friend who was on the same intelligence level as me, the same spiritual level, and the same humor level (which is pretty low...) and God provided the perfect one!!! Wouldn't it be like a slap in the face to God if I stopped hanging out with her?

UGH! It's annoying. I'm fine if people have problems with me or whatever, I've grown up with a fabulous family and a wonderful life, it's not my first go-around with jealous people BUT it hurts soooooooo bad that people are talking about me behind my back! I don't think they understand how much it hurts! :(

Well, I'm going to go talk to God about it. I've really liked having a best friend in Him! He's really nice! :) Alright, I'll update again tomorrow!

G'Night! :)


  1. I just love the part where you "chatted" with the angels. I had a very vivid dream when I was 14, in which "my" angel had a talk with me. I told my mom the next morning and she was all, "What did he look like?" I thought for a moment and then I said, "You know....? A little like Dick Van Patten!" heh.
    Loving the blog! - Erin G

  2. Clancy, I have been following you blog since it started and your mom posted it on Twitter. I(Thanks Lisa :D)

    I love seeing what God is doing in your life and how open you are to what He has in store for you.

    I'll be praying that God softens the hearts of the girls who are jealous by your friendship with LaChelle. I can see God using both of you together in GREAT ways

  3. UGH! Even grown-ups can act so immature! I'm sorry youhave been dealing with catty girls. Praying for them and for you!

  4. Hey Clancy! I follow your blog on and off, and i just want to encourage you to keep your friendship with Lachelle as close as possible, you know in your heart she is a gift from the Lord for you there, and friendship like that is a precious thing. I also want to encourage you to also spend some time with the other girls.
    I did my DTS in 2001, and i remember 2 girls who were so attached to each other that it brought division (not with me), but in the entire class. Remain close to your best friend :), but find that balance with others in the group.

    May God reveal more of who He is to you during the remainder of your trip. Don't ever limit God.