Friday, October 29, 2010

Off of My Shoulders and Onto My Hips

I may or may not have just eaten two hot fudge sundaes...

But, that doesn't really have much to do with my day. I just thought I needed to confess there's a huge weight off of my shoulders...and onto my hips. But, its whatevs.

So, about my day:

Woke up early today and went up to breakfast where I discovered that Falita and Emily woke up early to make Fijian pancake batter. I was quite distraught considering I've been wanting to learn how to make them for ever!! But, Bole (one of the staff members from Fiji) said that she needed help cutting them and frying them after devotionals so I volunteered!

I was SO happy! I thought it was such a sweet gift from God - He knew that I've been wanting to learn how to make them and how nice that he scheduled a time for me to! So, Emily, Falita, and I all "skipped" our quiet times to make pancakes for our intercession time. We turned on some Brooke Fraser, poured out some flour and started cooking! Seriously, God was IN the kitchen cooking with us! It was one of the BEST quiet times I've ever had! How awesome is God?

Well....about 15 minutes into our cooking one of the other staff members came in and asked us what we were doing and why we had "skipped" our quiet times (really...we just moved locations). And we all replied that we were having it right now!...she didn't like that answer. She thought we were being really disrespectful by not sitting down and meditating on the word and talking with God. She even said we weren't honoring God? It was all I could do to not say, "Well, God's right here rolling out the dough with me so why don't you ask him what He thinks?" But...I didn't, I held my tongue; however, I continued to make the pancakes.

So, she took it to an even higher level - she told on us to our main DTS leader. And he went and talked to that Fijian staff lady about it, but she stood up for us and it was all good.

And, can I just say - those were some divine pancakes...pun intended.

Honestly, though. They're like sweet fluffy round balls of heaven and you can add toppings too!!

So, after all of our hard work the rest of the school gathered in the dining room and we all split up into tables and had THE best time of intercession EVER! My table had an extra chair at it so I invited God to sit with us and chat. I even kept my eyes open while praying for the different topics and really tried to imagine myself asking him my requests over coffee - it took a while to get used to it, but it was fun.

Then we had a phonetics test - the guy told me I should pray about studying phonetics and becoming a Bible translator...however, something tells me that's not my calling. But, it's cool to be able to understand the science behind people's accents...and something tells me that will come in handy in an acting career :)

Then there was the grammar test. I'm not even joking, it was three pages long. And did I already say that IT DIDN'T COUNT FOR ANYTHING?!? I would think that the fact that it had no real purpose would make me want to take it even more because there would be no stress. However, it just kinda made me aggravated. Especially because I didn't even get to see my score!!!

But, the anthropology teacher came up after that and ended the whole week on a good note!

We had the afternoon off which I spent skyping with my mom and boyfriend-in-law (Haven's boyfriend/ my best friend in the WHOLE world) who are both at Women of Faith this weekend!! And I even got to facebook chat with my brother in LA! I loved it!

Then I went to the store - nothing exciting happened. The killer birds are no longer in mating season so they don't attack us anymore! It's so wonderful to not have to walk in absolute terror to get a cup of coffee!! :)

After dinner I went and laid down for about a half an hour - we ate some fish and I'm pretty sure it was old because it did not sit well in my stomach. But, after a quick nap I felt better.

Then we had a Tahiti meeting. We all walked to Macca's together and ate burgers and ice cream! I didn't have a burger...but yes, I did have two ice creams... :) And they were amazing.

Now I'm going to hopefully skype with my dad when he wakes up. He just got back in town from England and I want to hear everything!

Tomorrow I have a VERY early morning: I'm waking up at 4:30 to go surfing! I'm SO happy we're finally back in Sydney so we can surf again! I am determined to be an expert by the time I get home...or at least be able to stand up and stay up...or at least be able to stand up... :)

After surfing we have "Youth Street" and then...the weekend!!!

I'll update again tomorrow!


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  1. Speaking of adding to the hips, have you tried a 'tim tam slam' yet?? Hope your weekend is wonderful!