Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Balancing Day


Today has been relatively uneventful. But, I guess I need those days in order to balance out the radically awesome ones and the incredibly awful days too. So, I guess today was my balancing day, which is okay.

The morning consisted of waking up late, quiet time (I bought two new Phil Wickham albums which I LOVE!!!!), cleaning the dining room, an hour of worship, cleaning the dining room again, pealing potatoes, giving advice to a girl, moving TONS of stuff from the first floor to the third floor, lunch, three hour lecture, dinner and now my update. In about ten minutes I have to go back upstairs for another two hour lecture.

One cool thing that happened today was during worship. Well, it's actually a little bit hard for me to connect during worship because....well....the quality maybe isn't there as much as I'm used to...that would be the nice way of putting it. :)

But, hey, it opens me up to a lot of different types of worship, and worshiping in spite of my taste, so that's good! But, anyways, during one of the songs I was absolutely crying out for focus because the drummer was SOOOOOO off I just couldn't concentrate on anything BUT that!! And then right after worship a girl came up to me and said she was praying during worship and saw a picture of me! I was sitting Indian style on the floor right across from Jesus, and we were just talking. She said I had the energy and excitement of a little girl! She also said that I had this incredible focus, it was like the more He filled me up the more I wanted, and the more I gave, it was He was the only thing in the room!

WOW!!! I was praying for focus, and he gave someone else a picture of me being focused....not exactly what I was thinking of, but I guess it works? haha

But, besides that it's been a relatively "boring" day. Everyone is really tired and easily annoyed, but also easily enjoyed (if you know what I mean), so that's nice! I watched a REALLY cool video sermon by Louie Gigglio that pretty much blew my mind last night! It was called something like "indescribable planet" or something! I highly recommend it!

Okay, I'm going to go try and stay awake through another two hour lecture! I learned a TON yesterday, and a lot today too! But, I'm not going to lie ...it's exhausting! Both physically and mentally!!

I'll write again soon!


  1. That's very interesting about you praying and the other girl having a vision of you. God is creative and you never know what he's up to!

    I just had a friend recommend that exact video to me (Louis Gigglio). I think I'll look that up today.

    Have a great day!

  2. Indescribable is the name of Louie Giglio-s talk!!! Absolutely mind-blowing!!! He-s a great speaker!! I-m praying for you Clancy, and I know God will lead you into His purpose!!

    <3 Susy GutiƩrrez