Monday, September 27, 2010

Sleepy Day

I think I've slept more today than I have since I arrived in Australia!

First, I woke up at 9:45 so that I could skype with my family and friends for Haven's birthday party!!! It was SO fun and made me miss home SOOOOO much!!! But, it was great to be able to say hi to everyone! They all passed me around the table and then I got to "sit" on the counter and be a part of the birthday conversation!

After I "left" the party I posted a bunch of pictures on my Facebook and then doodled around on the internet for a while. Then LaChelle and I headed out to the shops. We found big sticks to carry with us in an attempt to scare the magpies off (those are the birds that attack you while you're walking). But, they always attack you from the back so we had to spin around and swing our sticks around while we were walking through their territory. We also helped save some little kids and a mom from the birds - we warned them and gave them one of our sticks, and right as we did that one of them swooped at us!! Even going to the grocery store is dangerous here in Australia...

BUT, it was all worth it when we walked inside and found a loaf of delicious banana bread with icing on top for only 6 bucks! Then I found 12 cinnamon donuts for $1.60! Can I just say that it feels extremely weird shopping for my own groceries and paying for them? I feel like such an adult, I even put back some stuff because it wasn't on sale!!...weird.

Anyways, we finished our grocery shopping and bought some more minutes for our phone (I'll be calling you soon mom!) then ran into one of the guys from my school who was also on his way back from the store. We all walked together and since we had a guy with us the birds didn't even look our way - so sexist...

By the time I got back and settled down it was 2:30 and I was exhausted! Since it's my day off and I really have nothing to do I laid down to take what turned into the best nap I think I have ever had. It was the kind of nap where you wake up in the middle of it and then you realize that you can go back to sleep which makes me so incredibly happy that I fall back asleep and have fabulous dreams! It was A-MAZING! And, incredibly long, too! I slept from 2:30 until 5:30 and woke up just in time to eat a delicious spaghetti dinner! We're always out of milk and bread, therefore I didn't really have anything to eat today so dinner was even more delicious.

Then LaChelle and I shared some of her M&M cookie dough and now I'm here! Sitting on a couch listening to the guy next to me watch youtube videos of cats farting...You would never be able to tell that I'm actually the youngest one here... I have to go upstairs to give an oral book report (on that book that I never finished...) in about twenty minutes. Then, LaChelle and I have a shower date - the showers are right next to each other so if you take a shower at the same time it's a great opportunity to discuss current events... :) Then we're going to make cookies and watch Wall-E on my laptop and fall asleep! Tomorrow is the first day of what will be a fairly normal week, I believe the topic of this week is "Holy Spirit"...I'm pretty sure I have no idea what that even entails, it seems to me like a bigger topic than can be discussed in 4 days of lectures...but we'll see! :)

Thank you all for your prayers! They really are very much appreciated! :)


P.S. can I just vent for a second? "That girl" (the one that's not necessarily the nicest person in the world) just walked in, looked at me and said, "smile Clancy. Jesus loves you and he says that I have to love you so you better smile."

I'm annoyed.



  1. Just to let you know to stop the magpies going for your head Australian children get ice cream containers and put eyes on them and have the eyes looking out the back and that is said to stop the maggies having a go at you.

    It might help, may look a little silly, but may work.

  2. So glad you were able to be a part of Haven's bday celebration. Ain't technology wonderful ?? =) And I have a favor.... would you please (when you have time) respond to my "friend" request on Facebook so I can see the pictures you post. I was able to get on there for a time, then for some reason I seem to have been bounced off. :( Anyway, looking forward to reading of your adventures tomorrow !!!