Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beach Day!

We went to the beach today!!! My first time to go since I got here! :)

LaChelle and I went to a local church that went on for waaaaay too long and then booked it to the beach. It took a total of two hours to get from our house to the beach because we had to take a two mile walk to the train station, an hour long train ride to downtown, switched trains, took the next train for fifteen minutes to the ferry place and then took a 25 minute ferry ride to the beach...but, it was SO worth it!

We met up with a group of other people from my school and watched some of the guys surf - which was INSANE because it was sooo cold today! There was no sun out and it was very windy, I wasn't brave enough to get in the water but it was fun to look at it. Then we went shopping for a while and got some Thai food at this little tiny third story apartment building restaurant overlooking the beach. Afterward we all got ice cream that we bought with the $20 we found on the train over!

By that time it was dark outside and we started the long trek home. Half of us fell asleep on the ferry home and me and LaChelle go hit on some by some surfers who didn't speak english. Then we caught our trains home, on which we ALL fell asleep and I woke up behind someones back...good thing I knew her!

By this time it was FREEZING outside and I had flip-flops and leggings on, so I put in my headphones, turned on some upbeat music and matched my footsteps to the BPM which got me home in no time. And I LOVED the release of walking all alone at night (people were behind me mom, so if I got kidnapped they would have seen need to worry) But, for all intensive purposes I was alone in Sydney, power walking to music and it was A-MAZING!

Now, I'm back at the base getting ready for a girl's sleepover in an empty room full of mattresses... :) I have really started to love it here, I like the people a lot - They always annoy me on Saturdays, though, because I'm so exhausted, but besides that I like them a lot!

I've been SO busy and my days have been so full lately that I haven't had time to update! But, tomorrow I'm not going anywhere (besides the bank) so I'll be able to update a longer post, I hope, and even add some pictures! Feel free to comment any questions you have and I'll try to answer them too!

G'NIGHT Everyone!!!


  1. The mom in me was having a fit reading about your adventure today! But, I'm sure your own mom has already given you the "do's and don'ts" so I won't go there!

    Sounds like you're starting to settle in and enjoy yourself. Have fun and......

    be careful! (it's a mom thing)

  2. Sounds like you had a great day, albeit a bit of a hike to the beach ! I live in MD and the beach is about 3 hours away..... and I go about once a year. And that's to sing in a concert..... I'm a beach-looker ! =) You need to post a pic of LaChelle so we know who you are hanging out with most ! =)