Saturday, September 11, 2010


Hello all! I'm absolutely way too exhausted to write a blog. I'm frustrated because I'm exhausted and they keep pushing us waaaay too hard. Everyone in my school is aggravated, but not at each other, we're all just aggravated at everything.

Just a quick update: Last nights message was fabulous, it was about God our warrior and we all got anointed by a Samoan guy to be warriors. Today has been long and tiring and very boring. Then we had Youth Street but our Bollywood dance teacher was two hours we learned an Argentinian folk dance while we waited. One of the guys from Switzerland is a ballroom dancer so he taught me some moves which was fun! I'll post the video on facebook sometime, he dipped me almost all the way to the ground!

Now I'm sitting here with my toes hurting completely exhausted and quick annoyed at the fact that I have to go listen to another three hour lecture tonight.

Isn't that weird? That I can pretty much meet Jesus and then two days later be totally annoyed at having to go listen to a lecture. Well, actually, that makes kind of a lot of sense to me considering on average we've been spending more hours in lectures than we have been sleeping....I'm so tired.

Well, one cool thing is that I found out where the outreach options are! Here they are:

1. Papua New Guinea and Indonesia (That's a hiking, walking, camping outreach to reach those people that are in rural villages)

2. Mexico City

3. Tahiti and Vanuatu

I have one that I DEFINITELY want to go on!!!!! Please pray that God will open the doors for me to be able to go there!! I'll let you know where I'm going when I find out for sure!

Okay, I'm going to go be annoyed and tired somewhere else.

Goodbye. (I didn't even use a cute "g'something"...that means I'm really frustrated).


  1. It is great to hear Clancy that the Lord is at work. I am anxious to read what else He does in your life on this journey.


  2. Clancy, you are such an amazing young lady! I have been reading your blog everyday because I have a daughter about the same age and she has been thinking about joining YWAM. THank you for giving us a true insight of your experiences. I love hearing how God is working through you. Hang in there during your tough times and know you are doing some great things!

  3. Hey, Clancy !
    It's no wonder that you're exhausted.... you've been going non-stop ever since you got to Australia. They powers that be must think you are all Energizer Bunnies !! =) I wonder why they don't give you any more down time ? But, you are young and resilient..... and I know you'll do fine !! I think it's perfectly natural to want to stay on the mountaintop of a close encounter with Jesus......and not want to come back down to the valley and....more lectures. LOL But, what you are learning now.... even the boring and mundane stuff..... may just be what changes someone else's life further down the road. You may be pleasantly surprised....... Keep plugging along, Sweetie !!

  4. Im having fun guessing which one you want to go on. I'm guessing option 1, since you went into a bit more detail on that one. Lucky guess? ;) If I got to pick, I'd go w/ option 3- Vanuatu. I had a friend that spent 3 months there on a youth program. OH and a season of Survivor was filmed there. LOL!

    I prayed for you & asked God to open the doors for you to go to the one you want - and/OR - to the one that will be for the highest good. :)