Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Day So Far...


Today has been relaxing and wonderful! I slept in until 10AM then woke up and got to skype with my dad! He's in California right now so the time zone thing was PERFECT! Then I found LaChelle awake so we both made some pancakes (with the most disgusting syrup EVER) and hung out with some guys in the kitchen. Then we got dressed and headed over to the shops. We got attacked by a bird on our way there!! They have these BIG birds that are fine during most of the year but during the spring they get REEEEALLY territorial and they attack anyone who gets near their tree, one girl even started bleeding b/c she got attacked on her head.

We normally cut through a field to get to the shops because it's a lot faster but there are a bunch of trees and scary birds there...But, we braved it today and were on the homestretch and then we looked behind us and there was a HUGE bird with his wings spread out screaming at us. So we started yelling and sprinted into the mall with our purses over our heads looking like idiots, and it flew up and tried to get us!! But, we were fine, just a little scared.

After actually arriving at the mall we went and bought some fruit, coffee, and air freshener (our room smells bad alllllll the time....ew) and I tried to fix my phone. Ends up I totally bought the worst plan ever that is WAY too expensive so LaChelle said I could just borrow hers and we'd split the monthly cost! :)

I sent off a birthday letter to my sister (so bittersweet) and stopped by the bank. LaChelle needs to do a wire transfer from her account in the states to an Australian account but no banks will do it for her! So, keep her in your prayers please!! Then we braved the walk back home and ended up getting back to the base safely and bird-attack free.

This morning was good and bad - I woke up reeeeeally missing my ex boyfriend (we just broke up while I was here and we've been together for two years). But, LaChelle and Jo have been helping me a lot and are both incredibly sweet, thank you God!!

Now I'm waiting to take a walk to get ice cream with Jo and then we're all going to go watch one of the students get baptized!!!

I'll try and update again later today to tell you about the rest of my day, but as of yet I'm doing great (with a few hard moments thrown in)!! Thank you all for your prayers! :)



  1. I'm sorry; I didnt' know you two broke up :(
    That is so funny about the bird! Sounds like something you'd see on TV. Hooray for the baptism!

  2. It sound like you are having an amazing experience. I loving reading all that you are learning. You are an inspiration.