Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Little Less Bleh

Hello again. I'm still having a slightly bad time, but it's a little better.

Well, today we got to sleep in!! It was wonderful! But, one of my roommates decided to be INSANELY loud while getting ready this morning which woke me up at 8...lame.

Yesterday was so hard and so long. We didn't have a single break (besides the one where LaChelle and I sprinted to the coffee shop just to check our email and fix our phones, but that was a stressful break). We were basically going, going, going from 6:30 until 11:00 at night.

My attitude was really down all day and everyone turned incredibly annoying. You know when someone tries to cheer you up but they do so by jumping in your face and tickling you and making jokes...well, I let them know really quickly that I was not going to deal with that. I just wanted to be alone and process and grieve, so I did.

Then towards the end of the day I asked LaChelle how to get out of a bad mood and she actually helped...weird! Then I went and learned a Bollywood, the effects of which I am feeling this morning in my hips and my abs. After which we headed out to a prayer meeting at a church that was an hour away. I fell asleep on the way there and struggled to stay awake through the whole thing. Some super powerful prayers happened and it was totally wonderful, but we were all ready for it to be over so we could go to bed!

Right when we arrived home we were surprised with the internet working!!! I was basically the first one on the scene! It was nice to receive a sweet email from my mom and an even sweeter one from Kev, which made going to bed happy even easier.

Today is our day off, and as of right now I really don't have anything planned. A lot of people are going into the city as a big group but I don't really want to do anything in a big group. A few of us might head down to the beach but it's pretty cold outside still.

My heart's still hurting a lot, it's like this continual deep pain that is always there but just flares up sometimes. Maybe once I start to heal more then my updates will be a little longer and more detailed. But, as of right now this is where I'm at. I miss everyone at home and I really really appreciate any prayers you have!! Thank you!



  1. Just said a prayer for you. Glad to hear that your "blah" has lifted a bit. I pray it will continue to lift. Sounds like what you might need is a good long winter's nap, the kind where you can sleep until your eyes just pop open AND then you lay there a go back to sleep for a bit longer.

  2. Ride the crash out. You'll pick back up soon. God is faithful.

    (Also... G'day means "hello". You don't sign off with it... it confuses my poor Australian brain *grin* Hey! I could be your translator/urban dictionary ;) I'll help you out with the idiosyncraties of our language, if you like.)