Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Liked the Idea of Running in Australia...

At this moment I feel like I'm about to cough my lungs out and then fall over, and I love it.

Let me explain: LaChelle and I decided that we needed to run (I did it b/c I felt gross aaaaand because I liked the thought of being cool and running in know it's all about the image), soooo we ran to McDonald's to get ice cream :) That's a very logical decision, correct? Well, it's about a mile to McDonalds, which to a non-runner sounds so easy, until I actually started running. We didn't stop running at all, which was mainly due to the fact that I was listening to Kings of Leon the whole time, which makes me feel like I'm running away from something, like for dear life.

Once we arrived and caught our breath (it only took us like 11 minutes! Really good for me b/c I NEVER run!) and bought a large ice cream sundae with extra chocolate fudge and an Oreo McFlurry. And after eating that we decided we also wanted a large fry. But, we took too long to eat it and I had a skype date with my sister in 10, you guessed it, we ran back with full stomachs - a bad decision, but worth it for my lovely family! :)

With all of that being said, this will probably be a shorter post because I neeeed to get in bed! But, let me at least tell you about my day!

I woke up late (another reason I need to start getting to bed earlier) and had to have a very rushed and small breakfast (which really did make me eat more today, how weird!!) then we had a quick devotional and went off to our quiet time. Well... we were supposed to go off to our quiet time, but I took a shower...don't tell ;) BUT I listened to worship music while I showered and had read a Bible verse to meditate on while I was washing up, does that count? :)

Then we went to our work duties for the morning which have switched because its the end of our first 3 week rotation! WOAH!!! LaChelle and I both picked the dining room because it's the easiest and you're always done in about ten minutes...brilliant. PS do I talk about LaChelle too much? Let me know. Well, even if you say I do, I don't care I'll still do it...I guess I was just acting polite by suggesting it. Man, I love having a blog! What power!!! I can do anything I want, even if you ask me not to!!! :) It's my form of rebellion - I love it!

Anyways, we had a very long lecture following our work duties. This week is about the Fear of God like I mentioned earlier - and I'm still having some trouble. Is it bad that I'd rather be too grace-oriented than "equally balanced"? I don't know, I'll let you know what I figure out when God tells me!

Then we had lunch, we almost allllllways have either mashed up boiled egg sandwiches or tuna sandwiches for lunch....bleh. But, it's better than nothing. Oh, yeah, and we're supposed to be going on a 24 hour fast from complaining, so I guess that means that I have to act like I like those sandwiches...but you know better. :)

My team had evangelism today which meant that we prayed, asked God for guidance and then went into a mall and found whatever He asked us to! I thought that God told me to go find a specific juice stand and so two other people and I went to look for a juice stand. And we found one! It was called "The Juice Man" and we met the man himself! I had mango pineapple juice which was AMAZING! So we all just started talking to him! At first he was really stand-offish, he wouldn't really answer my questions, he didn't make eye-contact, and he even said that his favorite flavour of juice was water...BUT, but the end of it he was incredibly engaged and even laughing! We met his son and heard his whole life story! He moved from China to Australia 20 years ago and brought his family and became the juice man! :) There were a few other cool people that we talked to while we were there, but you know what? We didn't even mention Jesus once!! We just built relationships! And I think that that was what God wanted! I think... :)

Anyways, after that we headed home, had dinner, cleaned up, had a little down time to read our books that we have to write a book report on by Monday...I pride myself in being a REALLY good B.S.-er so I'm not too worried about actually finishing the book...yeah, I'm at a missionary school cheating on my homework, that's why Jesus died for me.

After all of that LaChelle and I started off on our jogging adventure - oh, I forgot to mention that we got hollered at by two different cars while jogging...Australia is a little crazy - anyways, I now find myself here writing to you all!! Tomorrow is another pretty full day, but a little bit less so than tonight! Hopefully I'll get some more sleep - I feel like I'm getting a little sick, but it might just be all of that stuff I'm getting out of my lungs from running! Just keep me in your prayers just in case!

I love writing to you all! I have no clue how many people are reading it but even if it's just my mom then it's still worth it! And it makes it even all the better because I know it's not just her!! :)



  1. "I'm at missionary school cheating on my homework & that's why Jesus died for me" favorite line. I love you & your blog Clank and I LOVED talking to you this morn!

  2. HAHAHA. remember when we tried to take up running at allaso... oooh such a good idea!! "we have to run the best over the bridge so people wont see us and laugh at us" okay thats really not an exact quote but i remember that we made that decision.
    love you im glad your learning so much. just wait til outreach. you will be shocked at the amount you learn in just 3 short months! :)

  3. I'm a Sydney jogger too. Isn't it just THE BEST weather for running at the moment? But get all your jogging in now, because in a few months you won't be able to jog after 7am because of the heat!

  4. We are reading! Please keep it coming!

  5. I am reading in South Carolina! Living vicariously through I spend my days chasing two little ones around. Be blessed and enjoy the chance you have to press in closer to God. It is an awesome privilege!

  6. I'm a reader in Cedar Park, Texas! I have a friend at YWAM Denver but mostly I read your blog because you remind me of my daughter at Baylor. :)

  7. I'm a reader in Houston, Texas. Wishing I had your amazing experience when I was your age. I worked at Young Life camp. Thank you for sharing how God is blessing and changing your life. You have actually been challenging me through your posts to deepen my own relationship with God. I'm looking forward to following the rest of your journey.


  8. Hi Clancy, Sara from Iowa here! I am still reading your blog and praying for you. You are doing such great things down under and I know God is stretching you and molding you to do great things!!