Saturday, September 25, 2010

FULL DAY!!! :)

I have been up for 21 hours and it has finally caught up to me. But, I have just enough energy to update for all of you before I pass out (but I might not have enough energy to brush my teeth...)

Well, I woke up bright and early at 4:30, woke up LaChelle, read a fabulous e-mail from my mom and Ney Bailey (The people at my school affectionately know her as the female Jesus), made some major coffee and hopped in the bus next. I was one of about 12 people headed to Manly Beach to learn how to surf! But, I was the only one not on the "Boarders DTS" so, I definitely didn't get first dibs on learning - which was fine with me!

It took about an hour to get to the beach which meant we arrived there just after sunrise. The air was perfectly crisp, just enough to want to wear a sweatshirt but not too cold for bare feet. The sand here is the most wonderfully soft and delicious thing in the world, I'll try and bring some back for you. LaChelle and I headed into the shops to get some Hungry Jack's breakfast (literally the EXACT same thing as Burger King, just a different name) and headed out to go watch the surfers.

I was only sitting there about 30 minutes before I was convinced to get in and try my hand at surfing. However, I was the only one on the beach (literally, not even joking) without a wet suit...but I braved the freezing cold water and headed out to try and catch a wave. Because I didn't get priority that meant that I also didn't get the teacher, I got to watch her how to teach us on land but I had to go out with another student and try to surf by myself!! AND I had the smallest board (which is really hard to get up on). Well, you guessed it, the reason I'm telling all of this is because I don't want to sound incredibly lame when I tell you that I didn't get up... :) BUT I caught a wave and just road it in...maybe that makes it even dumber...

Well, after thoroughly exhausting myself I got out and tried to warm myself up. Thankfully by that time the sun had started to come out! So, Jo, Tony, LaChelle and I all took a walk on the beach and soaked up the delicious sunshine. Then we checked out some shops. I dropped LaChelle off at the beach and Jo and I headed back to the shops to pick out the perfect pair of sunglasses.

Then LaChelle took a nap on the beach while I read some more of that book. Finally we headed back to the base, on the way home we all took a nap in our damp sandy clothes. I rushed into the base with just enough time to take a quick shower and make myself a disgusting mushed boiled egg sandwich and head up to the youth street prayer meeting. I'll have to admit that I wasn't whole-heartedly in all of the prayers...BUT I did them nonetheless.

Then we headed out to the opera house! I was the "navigator" and the driver was very stressed and we were literally in a big breaking-down metal ball of death...but, after almost two hours of NOT taking my directions (which always ended up being right, thank you very much) we eventually made it to the parking lot (after circling the block three times...I'm telling you, just listen to the navigator). THEN, we walked out of the parking lot and had to decide whether we thought the opera house was to the left or to the right...well, I knew it was to the left. But, guess which way we the right! After walking a 3/4 mile to the right we finally decided to check the map and guess what...we were walking the opposite direction.

Needless to say, I was slightly frustrated but took the loneliness of the long walk to try and release that to God. Once we got to the opera house we met up with 6 other team members who took the train earlier today to go and save seats for us. We were all set up outside on the steps in front of a dance floor and a large TV screen on the side of a truck. We only had to wait about 45 minutes before the opening event happened, which was a disco band... It was fun watching all of the little kids dancing on the dance floor in front of a few hundred people but not caring one bit, I wish sometimes that I could be more like that.

Then one of the dancers from Happy Feet came out and taught us a penguin tap dance. It was so cute! And then we all watched Happy Feet together in the middle of Sydney Harbor with all of the twinkling lights, water, and interesting people around! It was wonderful!!! However, by 8:30 I was pretty worn out and ready to walk immediately back to the bus and get home. But, guess what, the lady I was with decided we should stop in the park and play games...?!?!

Sadly, I didn't hide my frustration very well... and I honestly feel really bad about it. I wasn't very respectful, but in a very smart and undetectable way...nothing to be proud of. But, I was SO annoyed!!! I had told her I was exhausted and would like to get back ASAP, and she responded with the most annoying chipper-ness and hugs and excitement but no actual acknowledgment of my statement. I don't know, it was worse than that but I've already vented to LaChelle so anymore repeating would just be complaints. But, I'd like to announce to you all that I am not frustrated anymore, it really does help me to vent - but sometimes it just turns into negativity.

I hope its just because I'm tired, but I feel super bad and negative lately. I don't like it.

Anyways, we finally got back to the car and started our hour long venture home. We got lost a few times (I gave up my navigator role and decided to be the DJ instead) so it really took us more like an hour and half to get back into our town. But, we had to drop off some of the kids and one of them lived waaaaay farther away than we originally guess what, in total it took almost three hours to get home! :)

Upon our arrival we were met by everyone waiting for us to get home so we could all eat birthday cake! Then I caught up with LaChelle, hung out with Jo and Tony and I am now finally finishing my blog!

Tomorrow we're getting up early again (not as early) and going down to Bondi beach to try and surf again! Wish me luck!! And please pray for this negative spirit to be released from me, it's annoying, which is making me feel more negative. Ugh. BUT I realy really really appreciate all of your prayers yesterday about me having enough energy to make it through the day. I remember typing that and thinking to myself "God, if I somehow make it through most of the day tomorrow without absolutely falling over asleep then I will KNOW that it is ONLY by your strength and everyone's prayers". And look at me! It's 1:00 in the morning and I'm still not in bed!!

Thank you all so much for being such prayer warriors, it gives me SUCH confidence being here knowing that everyone back at home supports me. I really do love you all, even the ones that I don't know. :)

G'NIGHT!! (It feels so good to type that, I can't wait to actually put it into action!)

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  1. Hi Clancy. I'm much older than you - actually been a fan of your mom's since FOL started. I found out about your blog through being her FB friend and I must say, I am so impressed with your writing. I used to read your mom's blog on her website (since before the family dream trip you guys had which was years ago) and I remember seeing pics of you as a little girl, so it's weird,though I don't know you, that you're all grown up now, so far away from the US, reading about your adventures Down Under! I'm a writer and I just wanted to say that YOU inspired me to create my own blog. I have a lot of negative stuff going on in my life right now and I thought if I blog about it, it's a place to vent and maybe I'll find people with similar problems and it will be a support system - all because I was impressed with your blog. I look forward to reading your entries every day - and know I'm one of the ones praying for you when you ask for it. Keep up the good work!