Friday, September 24, 2010

Full Day Today and an Even Fuller Day Tomorrow!

Oh my goodness, I am for sure called to performing arts (I think)!! We just finished our first drama workshop of our DTS! If I go a long time without doing any sort of drama I sometimes forget how much I love it! Today was SO fun! We focused mostly on comedy today, which I like but drama is my love; BUT, it was still incredibly awesome!

Now since this is my "private" blog I can be completely honest and braggy, right? Well, I will anyways!! I got called out for being one of the two best!!!! :) She said I had a lot of strength and was like a leader :)

The funny thing is is that I started to write this blog before the workshop started and the beginning of it sounded something like this "wow, today has been a hard day. I've been incredibly tired and...etc." But, now I'm in a much different mood!

Anyways, let me tell you about my day:

It WAS in fact a very hard day because I felt like I never really woke up. I have always been a morning person, and even though the initial act of getting out of bed is a struggle, once I'm up I am up for the day. BUT, today I felt like I was about to fall asleep every five seconds.

I woke up, hit the snooze button, fell asleep, woke up again, rolled out of bed, went to devotionals, had a quiet time, fell asleep during my quiet time, woke up went to worship, almost fell asleep during worship (but, he had all of us stand up b/c we were all falling asleep), went to morning tea then we had lectures, I almost fell asleep during lectures, then we were sent off to go do a mental assignment. The assignment was to picture yourself going through every room of your house and asking God to reveal to you anything that you've done wrong in that room....I'll keep my revelations to myself :) Then go through the steps of asking forgiveness to cleanse ourselves so we can have a clear conscience.

Welllll, without going into detail about what I THOUGHT about the lecture, I'll just let you know what happened during my mental guessed it, I fell asleep. But, I didn't just fall asleep during the 30 minutes allotted for the assignment...No, I fell asleep during that, plus the time we were supposed to reconvene and pray, plus lunch, plus the hour long break after lunch, and into my "chipin in" time. They had to call me over the intercom to get me to wake up and come help in the kitchen.

I've felt kinda sick all day and sleeping helped a little bit but I woke up with a pounding headache that has yet to fully recede. I think I'm just getting worn out and tired from such full-on work, I haven't been getting to bed earlier than 11:15 lately and am always (well, it's supposed to be always) up by 6:45 and my brain and body is working all day long!

Even if I needed to rest I definitely won't be able to get any tomorrow! I am waking up at 4:45 (No, that is NOT a typo...I MEANT to say 4:45 AM) in the morning to go watch the borders DTS surf! They said that if they have time then they'll teach me how to surf too, but since they only own 1 surf board and are borrowing another one I don't necessarily get first dibs. BUT, I'll still be there for the verbal explanation and on-land practice!

We won't get back until about 11:30 which will give me just enough time to shower the sand off my body and change into some warm clothes because I'll then be heading out with a group of girls (for Youthstreet dance team) to the Opera house! We'll get there at 3 in the afternoon, hang out at the harbor for a few hours (while some of us wait in line to get a good "seat") then the we're going to watch Savion Glover (the choreographer of Happy Feet and the world's best tap dancer) dance for us! Then after nightfall we're all going to watch Happy Feet projected outside of the Sydney Opera House!!

So, my day tomorrow will start at 4:45 and won't be over until about 10:30 or 11:00 at the earliest...Please please PLEASE pray for my health and energy tomorrow! I'm really going to need His supernatural help to stay awake, alert, and NOT grumpy (LaChelle isn't coming to the opera house so I'm not even going to be able to vent to anyone but God!!)

I am about to fall over asleep right now, SO I'm going to go put my swimsuit on (Yeah, I'm going to sleep in my swimsuit so I can just roll out of bed, make coffee, and get in the van for the beach) brush my teeth and GO TO BED!!!

G'Night everyone! :)

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